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Not Just A 'Black Thing': An Asian-American's Bond With Malcolm X

Why We Must Remember Rohwer

George Takei, seen here releasing butterflies at the Interment Camp he spent his childhood. A man that has crossed so many lines in the sand in his lifetime.

Miné Okubo was a Japanese American artist, writer, and social activist whose depiction of life in American internment camps during World War II gave a voice to more than 120,000 Japanese American internees. Her book, Citizen 13660, published in 1946, was the first account of the wartime Japanese American relocation and confinement experience, and is regarded as a landmark work that still resonates with Americans.

Anna May Wong, was born Wong Liu Tsong in Los Angeles in 1905, became the first Chinese American to become an American and global film star.

Postcard depicting Medal of Honor recipient Sadao "Spud" Munemori and the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California where his family was forcibly relocated during the war by Ben Sakoguchi