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miranda lambert quotes about blake shelton | Dump A Day Funniest Pictures Posted On DumpaDay This Week - 60 Pics

they say, you should have this and be like that at this certain age and do this like that and look like this and talk like that. get bent and fuck off.

I knew someone like this. I always knew it deep down, but after I cut her out of my life, I realized she was most definitely doing to me what she had done to every single other person she had ever met. I'm so glad I've gotten to a point in my life where I know I'm worth more than to allow some people to rent space in my head.

How to Be a Great Wife (Even If You're Single)

There are women around the world who have discovered the secrets to being a great spouse. Happy Wives Club founder Fawn Weaver gives us the lowdown on 11 habits of highly successful, happily married wives

I like pink, summer time, and post-it notes. I'm a Fashion Merch. major at Marist College. or these pictures are not my own and I have no idea where the clothes in them come from.

A Tribute to Stephen Covey

Steve Covey is my favorite self help guru. Investing in the emotional piggy bank to establish trust is something I always think about.....