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from Bloglovin’

Photo (the curious bumblebee)

Katrina // 20 something// Virginia  "I was a wicked girl. All things with claws, sharp teeth, deadly and alive, I loved." intj // capricorn // witch // bitch occasional NSFW Instagram: @honeysuckle_bacchae

there is an old legend, telling us that the reason so many deer are hit by cars is that they are trying to catch lost souls and fling them into the sky and they confuse the shine of a soul on its journey to the milky way with the light of a headlight.


An entry from Cup of Tea

Perhaps a red scarf on this beaut and somehow you ensure he will not leave for at least 1 hour (entertainment purposes albeit, morally - I believe carrots may do just this ;)) and voila, your guests esp. their children will have amazing pics of something other than Christmas stockings filled with, the usual.