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In Which I Wade Into the Mormon Modesty Debate

This is interesting becuse I always thought of the word ‘hottest’ in this context as the hottest TREND, not a the ‘hottest' as in hot/sexy.

Modest Is Hottest

.I love this... Don't try to lure someone in by the way you dress.. Let them look for what lies within.. body, mind and Spirit...

As a girl trying to find cute tops

This is exactly why girls take so long to get ready!!! We always have to put on 25 hundred layers of clothes on!!! .... and then fix our hair, pick out our shoes, make sure our purse doesn't clash.... lol

PHILOSOPHY aspect of your identity influences the way you dress: 1) I can describe my philosophy probably as atheistic existentialism. Being atheistic in terms of fashion to me means that I'm not bound by any clothing taboo or dogma. Yet I still believe there should be common sense in what you are wearing and the clothes should be modest and thoughtful. There's still a common human ethics after all which is the ruler for me. #WardrobeArchitect

The Kardashians Should Take a Cue From These Modestly Dressed Stars

Modest Is Hottest: These Stars Make a Case For Covering Up: In a world where the Kardashians seems to strip off their clothes any chance they get, we thought we'd switch gears for a moment and talk about the ladies who actually like to cover up.

Those who profess to worship God are responsible in dressing modestly, not wearing clothing that shows every curve, cleavage, or worse. True Christian women are responsible for the way they dress and to make sure we dress not to make men or young men stumble due to our lack of responsibility. Your body is supposed to be saved for your husband, behind closed doors, not shared with the world.

This is becoming even more important to me as my baby girl gets bigger I want to demonstrate a good example of modesty and class. Not always easy in this world today.