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Moon Activities for Kids: Phases of the Moon

Hands On Science: Phases of the Moon Activities for Kids - Inspire Creativity, Reduce Chaos & Encourage Learning with Kids

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The last one in September {Friday list} - Paul & Paula

awesome The last one in September {Friday list} - Paul & Paula... by


Moon Phases Worksheet

DON'T USE THIS WORKSHEET TO TEACH CHILDREN. IT IS WRONG. (Don't use worksheets at all, in fact.) The "Half moon" is actually a quarter moon and the "3/4 moon" is called a waxing or waning gibbous.


A Little Moon Madness!

This site about the moon is VERY kid friendly! If you are teaching about the moon don't miss this one! More on this post!

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Aluminum Foil Moon Sensory Craft

Aluminum foil moon craft: an easy and unique sensory experience for toddlers and preschoolers.


You'll Be Crying Tears Of Laughter When You See These 30 Hilarious Dog Faces

That's the most fucking terrifying thing iv seen this year ! What is wrong with you people ?

This weeks book study really gets you thinking about Jehovah's creation

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Moon Paintings

One of our favorite activities is using salt to create texture on watercolor paintings. In this activity Salt and Glue are used to turn a simple watercolor painting into the surface of the moon! Leave as is for a great Space themed project or add some black card silhouettes and you have a spooky Halloween picture.