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Explore Twilight State, French Doctors and more!

In 1951, French doctors found that a new chemical compound, used as an anesthetic, induced a "twilight state" and "artificial hibernation" in surgery patients. In 1954, that same drug was marketed in the United States as a "miracle" pill for mental disease. Learn more on today's blog post! Via ♥ #HowDoYouKnow

THE DSM-5: WHY BEING SAD MIGHT JUST MAKE YOU CRAZY | The latest edition of the DSM will allow doctors to diagnose individuals grieving the loss of a loved one with depression. Find out why this decision is a slippery slope.

Relaxation Response Produces IMMEDIATE Change in Gene Expression #TooCool #MindBodyMedicine

What can we do to make politics less stressful? Studies show that people with strong reactions to social stress (measured via cortisol levels) tend to avoid voting altogether!

Since the introduction of #antidepressants, disability rates due to #mentalillness have more than doubled. Fortunately, research highlights the effectiveness of alternative #natural treatments! Check out today's post to learn more about #diet, #exercise, and the #science behind #depression! via

Watching the NFL can show us what teamwork is all about as well as what it takes to be the best—at whatever we do.