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Observing changes in the skin, hair and nail for prevented measures. -Autonomic Dysfunction


Menopause & Skin Rashes


Dry, thin skin? Hair popping up in odd places? #menopause, #dryskin #wrinkles

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Face the change: Expert beauty tips to keep you looking young during the menopause

Hold back the years: The menopause plays havoc with your skin but simple treatments can help

Tried and true relief from menopausal hot flashes. Added benefits of soft skin and strong flexible nails! Love this stuff!

Menopausal skin changes: Signs, symptoms treatment

The Skinny on Menopause and Skin | Health, Beauty, Fashion, Love, Careers and more - MORE Magazine


Secrets to keeping your skin young in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s+

With menopause comes a serious drop in estrogen, a natural anti-inflammatory. As luck would have it, this means skin may become increasingly reactive and sensitive. Estrogen is also responsible for keeping water in the dermis (which makes skin look plump), so once estrogen declines, microcirculation becomes less efficient, the skin deflates, and wrinkles become more pronounced.What To DoReduce inflammation wherever you can. Avoid irritating chemicals in products, overexposure to the sun, and…

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Jaw Pain on One Side

Jaw pain is a classic symptom that can be associated with many diseases and disorders, which may or may not involve the jaw.