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from Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decorator

Two Magic Words to Move Your Design Project Forward

When I first saw Tops, she sat on a tree branch in front of a waterfall reading and smiling, Her Mirror bird perched next to her, Daring the universe to stop her

I keep her picture in my wallet. And sometimes when I get so angry at myself, I look at me at age 6, and I realize, I'd never feel this way about her. And I forgive me.

just hard to wrap my mind around the fact that people purposely find strength in making others feel not wanted and not loved.

Yes, when I say I don't care that's not true, I'm simply putting myself first, for the first time I am not sacrificing my happiness to just get over it to give you what you think you want and to make you happy. And I'm not going to apologize for putting me first.

Romance is in the air, the fish were biting all day, +the smell of pine crackles in the fire. He looks deep into my eyes then wraps his arms warmly around me, pressing his body close. He finds it in his heart to tell me how perfect this time alone together is without a word. God in His infinite wisdom gave some men all the right stuff a woman could ever want. Now all I find myself wanting to do is spoil him. It's really nice to hear the words he feels so strong; tonight just show me...

Love quotes that embody Sophia Masterson's dilemma in the best-selling Katy Perry-inspired erotic romance book, 'The Third Lover'. In stores now:

And you won’t outgrow it. There will always be mean girls. One day you’ll be thirty seven and reading the long line of stories that mean girls have left in their wake. But daughter, that doesn’t mean we hide our hearts. That doesn’t mean we find a tower and Rapunzel ourselves away from the world. No darling, it means that we learn to be braver than the mean girls. We out-love them. That is the secret weapon. To pour on the unexpected love. To meet them with open arms and mind…