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Never let that piolt light of hope burn out-Suicide is loss of hope. And certainly after you lose a child by suicide, your sense of hope is hard to find.  What do you do after you lose one of the people that gives your life meaning? The pain of losing my child by suicide was relentless at first until I just went numb and catatonic. That numbness is your body's only defense to the onslaught of unbearable agony. Yet through all that despair, #hope

7 reasons I think we are seeing more teen depression-When I talk to people, this subject often comes up. Mental illness in teens is… #depression #suicide

Who’d have thought my child’s worst enemy was in his own head?-I protected my child from cars in the street. I worried when he got sick and ran a high fever. I feared he'd die in a car accident, get #suicide #suicideprevention

I know so many don’t know what to say to those who’ve suffered a loss, particularly that of a child and in the case of suicide. Unfortunately, I can…

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Other moms and dads who've lost a child know what I mean. That precious being…

Help me eliminate the phrase, ‘committed suicide’- I understand the phrase has been around a long time. It's even the headline in my most popular article (I didn't write that phrase in that headline, by the way*). Historically, suicide was considered a crime up until the early 60s. In some other parts of the world, it still is. Due to the widespread misunderstanding of what suicide really is, it's often viewed as a 'less noble' way to lose a loved one

The Day After - I remember waking up. Then dreading that I woke up and reality hitting me like ice water in the face. My child is dead. I am the mother of child who killed himself. I actually feel as if I am in someone else's skin because it feels so foreign and prickly. I just want to slide out of myself and into someone else's life. Anything but the one I'm in right now. Randy and I hold each other sobbing. The coulda, woulda, shoudas #grief #suicide #suicideawareness