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Kandinsky on the Spiritual Element in Art and the Three Responsibilities of Artists

EL PUNTO como elemento de gran potencia expresiva- Máximo exponente del arte abstracto. Durante su enseñanza en la casa Bauhaus Kandinsky realizó esta pieza como desarrollo de su estudio sobre la forma.

This is the Out like a Lion Music Festival Image. Another case of the most simplest option being the best. Eventually in my career I’ll just submit an illustration of a single block of color. "Genius!", they’ll say. and I’ll realize that 30 years of work were needlessly complicated and a single tear will fall. or not.

Abstract Modern Original Acrylic Painting on canvas Music And Passion Marlina Vera Fine Art Gallery Expressionist fauve

Abstract Art Guitar or Music Instrument Mixed Media Lesson

Abstract Art Guitar or Music Instrument Mixed Media Lesson. Easy way to teach abstraction and introduce Cubism to elementary art students.