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These Farmers Slash and Burn Forests—But in a Good Way

Farmers in northern Thailand cut small patches of forest, grow crops, then let the trees regrow. The result: good harvests and happy woods.

Fighting the Underground Trade in Hippo Teeth

An itsy-bitsy redwood forest flourishes in downtown Brooklyn

"Lost Man Creek," an arboreal art installation growing in downtown Brooklyn's Metrotech Plaza

In the Sierra Nevada, high-intensity fires quickly grow into some of the rarest…

Legalising international ivory trade ruled out after decade of talks

Nearly 10 years of talks about legalising the international trade in ivory have been scrapped amid efforts to save the elephant from rampant poaching. The population of the African elephant has fallen by more than 110,000 in just a decade, leaving a population of some 415,000.

Huge penguin colony at risk from erupting volcano

Conservancy GIS scientist Tim Boucher uses harnesses the power of Google Earth Engine to help unlock how trees cool our cities.

Martu elder Ngamaru Bidu stands near Jiwal Jiwal rockhole. Photo © The Nature Conservancy (Justine E. Hausheer)

The world is making a last push to save its cutest porpoise from extinction. It probably won’t work.

This is how bad things have gotten for the world’s cutest little porpoise. With only about 60 left, an international treaty of governments is making a last, desperate effort to save them because earlier measures haven’t worked.