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Brahea armata. One of the most popular palm trees in Florida, because of its unique appearance and low maintenance. It requires some maintenance, if the dead leaves are not trimmed or dropped off they form a brown skirt. Brahea armata has one of the bluest fronds in the world. It has 25-20 palmate, or fan shaped, fronds with 40 to 60 leaflets which can range from pastel bluish white or silver-blue to aquamarinein color. The Blue Hesper Palm has waxy stems that are covered with dark curved…

Brahea armata Palm - Mexican Blue Palm Trees/Blue Hesper Palm Trees These palm trees have stout trunks. They have distinctly bluish leaves, which are 1 - 2 metres (3 - 6 feet) long. The inflorescences extend out beyond the crown, reaching 5 metres (16 feet) in length. Brahea Armata has an attractive appearance, especially when young. It is drought tolerant (although occasional deep irrigation is recommended), can handle both partial shade and full sun and temperatures down to -10 degree

Brahea armata- Blue Hesper Palm Native to California, a single trunk fan palm that has distinctie chalky blue-gray fronds and long and arching creamy-yellow inflorescences developing during summer for a very showy display. Gets to about 30' tall, very slowly with a trunk diameter of 24-30"

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Hardy Pindo Info – How To Care For A Pindo Palm Tree

'Butia capitata' is a lovely palm species from South America continent. Its common name is Pindo palm or Jelly Palm, since the fruit is edible, to make jam or jelly. Solitary palm tree with light green to blue green leaves, gray trunks, pinnate shaped leaves, thorny petioles, cold hardy (minimum temperature is -12 Celcius or 10 degree Fahrenheit). Excellent for outdoor decoration. Recommended temperature range is between 5 and 28 Celcius. Having 'Butia Capitata' around your residence or…

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15 Maximalist Rooms That Prove More Is More

Tropical style with rattan and blue and white ceramics to dress it up. Bright art adds to the sense of place #resortdecor #tropical