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Rare Albino Hummingbird in An extremely rare albino Ruby-Throated Hummingbirdhas been captured in a series of beautiful photos.

in mexico, my grandmother had around 6-8 birds, their cages lined the walls of…

A Bird for my grandma. But most likely her favorite Bird Tattoo Ideas patterns design

Very rare and Amazing ~~~what is not amazing is that it has no name, no identity, poor lost hummingbird....

White Necked Jacobin ‎Hummingbird‬ found in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil & Trinidad & Tobago, by Dennis Goulet Photography.

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My Dad loved to carve, and a tiny hummingbird was one of his best and most loved creations. Now whenever I see humming birds, I think of my Dad. This most definitely needs to be a tattoo of mine.

Hummingbirds symbolize love, joy, and beauty. Tattoo idea!!... adding a hummingbird to my orchid ☺

Hummingbirds symbolize love, joy, and beauty. I have this on my wrist as a tribute to my amazing mom.

Love this...with the saying 'with brave wings she flies'...this could be it :)

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