For the last 2 weeks, I've been doing a workout that pushes me so far out of my comfort zone, I've contemplated quitting multiple times. But even when I always feel pushed to my limits, each day is creating new gains. God desires that same pursuit in our faith. We are not called to complacency. We can't sit back & ignore His purpose for us. Each day is a chance to know Him deeper & serve Him stronger, making Him famous to others.

This quote actually explains my concept of style and personal style desires. Unfortunately, this past year my daily choices have been changed since my regular transportation is now walking/biking. It limits a person quite a bit. I cannot wait to get out of college so I can get back to what I love: dressing like everyday is a special occasion :) -CW

Happy Heart Day The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2008 reported that women who regularly practiced yoga had more desire to have sex and experienced better orgasms. Thank you science for confirming what we know lol. Find more like this at

Turning heads: Gigi added a pretty braid to her high pony for her low key day in the city...

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