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This is just a 15-point quiz in which students have to conjugate the verb given in the passé composé. I use it D'Accord Unit 6A, but you could modify it to fit any textbook.


Quick and easy 10-pt. quiz in which students have to first choose whether to use SAVOIR or CONNAITRE and then have to correctly conjugate the verb.

This is a 12-question indirect object pronoun quiz. It fits Unit 6B of the D'Accord textbook series, but it may fit other texts as well and can be changed because it's a Word doc. The quiz only uses present tense and futur proche.

I use this quiz in D'Accord 1, Unit 6B to quiz METTRE and regular -RE verbs in the présent, passé composé and the futur proche.

works w/ D'Accord 1 Unit 6 : METTRE and verbs like it

This is an page to introduce METTRE and similar verbs and to give students practice in the three tenses they know by D'Accord 1 Unit 6B: présent, passé composé, futur proche.

This is to practice differentiating between the présent, passé composé and the futur proche.

The first column of activities starts with questions that students answer about themselves and technology. Then they ask those same questions to classmates and record their answers. The second column of activities has students rewrite technology sentences, replacing direct objects with direct object pronouns, a review from D'Accord 1, Unit 7A.

Voir, Croire, Recevoir & Apercevoir : Jeu de Six

This is one of my students' favorite games! I love it because it requires both skill (writing the words in French) and luck (rolling a 6), so it levels the playing field a little bit among ability levels.This game practices:-voir, croire, recevoir and apercevoir in 3 tenses (prsent, p.c.

This is the favorite vocabulary game of my French 1 students, and it is, by far, the easiest to play. I also play it with French 2. The first page of the document is directions for the teacher, and the subsequent pages are templates for the game. This is a full class game, generally played with 3-4 groups, depending on class size.

*This is not necessarily specific to D'Accord 2 Unit 5B* Page 1 : introduction to the two Si Clauses that D'Accord 2 Unit 5B introduces (si + imparfait, conditionnel; si + présent, futur simple) Page 2 : practice