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Being a nurse is knowing when to turn on your "tough"...and when to turn on your "human"...and finding the balance in between for those in need...

Michael Jordan Quote: It’s Not About The Shoes. It’s About Knowing Where Your’re Going. Not Forgetting Where You Started. It’s About Having The Courage To Fail


Motivational Quotes for State Testing {Free Posters!}

A simple Girl trying to make it through college and then to the U.S Military Life. Double majoring in CRIM&SOC. Life Goal? To Work in the Pentagon as Special Investigations Officer, who specializes in Drug Trafficking and Immigration. In Love With The...

It's okay to now know, but it's not okay to not try. Mistakes are proof that you're trying - and mistakes that you make while prepping for the GRE are ones that you will learn from and avoid on test day!