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Foto, immagini royalty-free e vettoriali - @shutterstock #cat #kitten #pet #animal #cute #gatos #little #feline #puppy #siberian #meow #cuddling

Siberian kitty.. pretty much the cutest thing ever! ( Don't tell my kitty)

Siberian Kitten. Hypoallergenic & has the personality of a dog -- super friendly.

Siberian Kitten- known to be less allergenic and still fluffy!!!

A beautiful, snuggly Siberian cat... You will be my kitty baby someday!

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I've heard that these cats (Siberians) don't bother people with allergies (my boyfriend). Possibility?? <3

Siberian Cat - Breed Profile: Origin: Siberia (Russia) Colors: Any Size: Large Coat Type(s): Longhair Grooming: Weekly Talkativeness: Quiet Activity Level: Average Attention Requirement: Average Overall: Easy to handle

❤📷 from @novathe_husky_ - Today I found my love for pumpkins 🎃❤️🍁