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Magical Mage- Consi and his Undistorted witch form

What Is Your Element?

Lydia woke up back in my home momma nature :I'm here I'm home . Mother Nature! Feels somethings is very wrong. Not sure wat. Mother Nature voice barely a hoarse whisper dying darling gal return to the sea for she has killed me more than u my love shall ever know

Dreamreader by DiegoGisbertLlorens. Although I have spent most of my working life in education teaching with a strong emphasis on history, my other love is art, unfortunately I posses no aptitude for art fortunately these artists do! - look, enjoy and learn! Linda ( Educational director of ).

paticmak: andarisi: @perplexingly and I drew each other for witchsona week! OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT!!!!!! Very accurate representation <3

Stjepan Sejic: Very cool. (And his "about Photoshop and hard work...damn it!" post in his journal is a good read...)

From the pool of memories Lihana held a sad soul. She could hear his voice fading as she set him in the pool. "Rest my man, rest. You shall suffer no more." the guardian let her hands sink into the water with a vicious smile.

To be ignored is one thing. To be hated is another. But to have the people in Hell being the only ones that respect you push you over the edge. So tell me to go to Hell because I will love it. I will love it there coming up with all the fun you'll have when you visit it there yourself. —Mar

Binding - Slumber: This version causes the subject to become comatose for as long as one year per caster level. The subject does not need to eat or drink while slumbering, nor does it age. This form of binding is more difficult to cast than chaining, making it slightly easier to resist. Reduce the spell’s save DC by 1.