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Native American Houses #tribe [ ]

As I was told yesterday, "you don't look Cherokee" I wanted to reply, it's not about how I look, being Cherokee is about how and where I was raised, it's about my heritage and culture. But I didn't, I just smiled

Think of something that is meaningful to you that must be EARNED. If you don't relate to the military medals, then imagine something else.

It's funny how all of that was never brought up in school either. It's a part of history that everyone needs to know.

Passing on the Tradition Taken in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho by Rebecca Tifft.

Great website to teach about all the tribes of America. It is interactive and informational.

How i feel pow wow season , yu know what that meaans (: FRYBREAD , POPOVERS , NEW ACCESSORIES & BIRDSONGS