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A vierling, a beautiful antique German combination gun | Have a ...

B.A.Vierling Painting: Exhbition of Alchemical Illustrations

Lion pride.

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Animal Life on

I pinned this picture of golden retrievers in the water because i have a golden retriver and she loves to swim.

Sacred heart -BENJAMIN A. VIERLING Datura stramonium, Hyoscyamus niger, & Atropa Belladonna. - henbane, datura, and belladonna. The theme of the Sacred Heart further elaborates on the idea that life stems from a radiant source, however dangerous or venomous certain facets of it may be. The complex balance of nature.

Hello Kitty with glasses and heart perler bead pattern

Tarot teaches and opens the door within the unconscious mind, to the universal language of the Symbolic World.... "knock and the door shall be opened" <3tami