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Searching for Low Cost #Cataract_Surgery Available in Mexico? For those who don't carry vision insurance, cataract surgery in the #United_States costs an average of $3,000, plus the cost of the lens, bringing the total to roughly $8,000. Cataract surgery in #Mexico may save travelers up to 25% on costs incurred in the U.S. To be acquainted with the #cataract_surgery_cost in Mexico, contact PlacidWay at +1.303.500.3821

Video of Actual Laser Assisted portion of Cataract Surgery

The goal of Cataract Surgery by Medical Tourism Abroad is to restore a full range of vision. Know Cataracts Surgery Cost & more about the other eye treatments.

How are Cataracts Treated? Cataract surgery is the removal of the cloudy natural lens of the eye with artificial lens replacement. It is the most commonly performed eye surgery. Each year, over 14 million cataract and lens implant procedures are performed worldwide. This proven procedure allows the intraocular lens to be implanted in a brief (about 15-20 minutes) outpatient procedure.