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The human spirit can never be constrained without severe consequenses. It follows the natural flow of life - a path of instincts and inspirations in which visions and dreams help guide the course of daily living.

heroineimages: “ weareadventurers: “ Dryad by Mikhail Palamarchuk ” Y’know, it occurs to me suddenly that I’ve probably seen fewer fully-clothed dryad arts than I have succubi arts… ”

congenitaldisease: A tiger resting on the head of a Buddha statue.

A Living Tree Sculpture. NOT Photoshopped BTW - as you can see here:


Looks Like Tree is Dancing

A Firedancer in nature.

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My Friend the Oak (saving our trees and the environment)

Hickory Tree Monarch - Rooted Tree - Central Soustern - Afnir - Patron Tree of the elderly