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Pressearbeit selbst machen und sie langfristig aufbauen

Members of the Brazilian National Association of Newspapers (ANJ) have stated that they will be stopping Google from displaying parts of their news stories on the Google news service. #google #news

It is said that nothing can halt progress but it seems that hurricane Sandy will be slowing the release of the new Google tablet. #google #news

Music Fast Fact: The music industry generates about $4 billion in online music but loose about $40 billion to illegal downloads. (source To know more, visit today!

Google have seen the value of their shares break the $900 barrier for the first time making the internet giants worth a staggering $300 billion. #google #news

Google will be hoping that their input will help push Snapseed up the popularity tables and will give the market leader Instagram a run for their money. #google #news

Officials in Iran have declared that they will be creating their own local version of Google after banning the Google G-mail email service last week. #google #news

A new Google Chrome operating system designed for touchscreen machines is set to be revealed at an event today in San Francisco. #google #news

A Russian woman has called off her engagement to her fiance after she saw him with another woman while looking at the Russian version of Google maps. #google #news

Fans of the Google RSS reader will now have to look for an alternative as the service is shut down today by Google. #googlereader #news