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Raised Bed Trellis for Under $5

Make a garden trellis system for under $5!!

Lost crops of the Incas, note how they have made a raised bed in a pond type structure are using the water to create a warmer micro-climate for the crops

I'd like to do storage drawers under the cooktop with a separate microwave/convection oven over an oven *C Some advise against micro over oven. Research! More

Aqua Bonsai is a creative living art of micro aqua landscape in a vase or container with an abundance of aquatic plants. By using the natural ecosystem to maintain its life, it shows the harmony of living things. No air pump needed as the plants give off oxygen. by jolene

AWESOME plumbing breakdown for tiny houses. Exactly what I needed to read right now. Great, informative comments too!

Shakeable digital dice program for Micro:Bit using Microsoft's Block Editor #bbc…

Tiny House on Wheels w/ Big Kitchen and Double Sink Vanity

This is a tiny house on wheels built by Tiny Living Homes with a big kitchen and a double sink vanity in the bathroom which makes it a great tiny home to share. From the outside, you’ll see i…