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From his 15th birthday Benny Imura's whole life changes as he lives and leaves the post-zombie-apocalypse "town" of Mountainside.

Blitzen, Hearthstone, Samirah, Alex, and Magnus! I think that's Alex Fierro. Not so sure though.

And if there won't be another serie,we will reread ToG and aCoTaR over and over until we know every single thing, just everything that happened and if there's not enough, we will write our own fanfics!

It's their squad. This absolutely wrecked me because this is how it should/is going to be. They are getting to know each other and are getting comfortable around each other and at the end they will truly be ready to take over the world together.

FUCK....however I believe ACOTAR is now a series of six books in total

My headache from hell last night is finally gone. hallelujah. It was so bad, probably the worst one I've had in a long, long time.

I DID IT! I randomly thought of Rhys winking at Feyre when he caught her staring at him or whatever, and then I somehow thought it would be fun to animate it lol. I don’t do this often so it’s not perfect but I tried my best~