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Mandi Trades app helps buyer to view list of farm/agricultural product available for selling. Buyer can directly call the farmer and get the good deal.

Farmers can track expenses of more than one crop at a time, track purchases of agricultural products they used on their farms, as well as how much of the products purchased were actually used for each crop.

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The Cultivation of Mobile Agriculture

Farming is no longer old school. With the advanced technology we have today, US farmers are equiping themselves with the latest, most useful, and convenient technolgy today. This shows the use of mobile technology in agriculture being used in the US.

The NutriAg application was developed specifically for farmers, growers and dealers so they have the ability to reference various products and their compatibilities.

e-Choupal is an initiative of ITC Limited to link directly with rural farmers via the Internet for procurement of agricultural and aquaculture products like soybeans, wheat, coffee, and prawns. The programme involves the installation of computers with Internet access in rural areas of India to offer farmers up-to-date marketing and agricultural information.

B2BPriceNow website provides an online marketplace where small to medium sized agricultural and fishing operators can obtain real-time market price information for their products.

Now farmers can calculate the value of Pioneer® brand inoculants for their farm with the Inoculant Value Calculator app. Users can also connect with other products and managements on information on the web.

The Disease ID app specializes in helping farmers and agronomists in the UK get involved in the production of cereal. Users are given immediate access to a vast amount of information about common diseases associated with cereal crops. This app educates farmers and allows them to understand and identify pathogens.

The Spray Guide application was designed and engineered by Plant Health Technologies, and is designed to assist agricultural applicators, as well as growers, while maintaining the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products.