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"when you're really hungry but theres nothing to eat so you just walk around in you kitchen opening all the cabinets over and over again just incase something magically appears "

YES SOMEONE FINALLY PUT THIS ON PINTEREST! I always look at this on my tumblr and admire it, Squash is my favorite and this wondrous man made everything so much better.

"I follow my kids' social media closely. I noticed my daughter was following Trump and his campaign on Twitter. When I asked her about it, she replied "Always know your enemy." Parenting Win! "

from my Tumblr highlordrhysands . Find me on IG as rowanisfae

That no one even tagged him in << He's not a Challenge To Drag<< so prepare for an attack

The last one is definitely my friend when I showed her Gravity Falls a few months after it aired, she rejected it. But then a few months before Gravity Falls ended she likes watching it and is attached, like reALLY???

From my Tumblr highlordrhysands . Find me on IG as rowanisfae