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Maggie Miller is one of Tallahassee's most beautiful young women! I love her hair and love being a part of their Family!

Hopefully my husbands grandmother will make us one and use pink, red, and white since its Valentines wedding

Mega list of everything you need for Essential Oils DIY Projects & Make it Take it Gatherings. Graphic design compliments of my talented buddy @jgoode

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50+ Beautiful Rustic Wedding Decorations

A bucket list for the Bride + Groom. Creative + meaningful guest book idea for an outdoor bohemian wedding

My absolute FAVORITE essential oil linen spray that I can DIY whenever I need more. Sheets smell amazing and bedroom feels like a spa.

Preferably at this theater, although I have no idea which one it is.

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Retro Rodeo Vest

Retro Rodeo Vest More

Rumi's "the guest house"- a good reminder to be mindful of emotions and how emotions are temporary

A beautiful, haunting, tragic, and extremely powerful book that is filled with unforgettable characters (including a very unique narrator). Want to read

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Resources for Handmade Gifts

Looking for all the bottles, jars, butters and items that were used in the Handmade Gifts with Essential Oil Blog Hop? We’ve assembled a resource list for everything you’ll need to make homemade goodies or host a Young Living Make and Take Party! I have not ordered or used all of these products, so I cannot give personal testimonies about all of them.  I’m just assembling this as a good resource for my oily friends!  Also, I am linking up {Read More}