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26/3/16. I decided to try a black contrast to present a string contrast and arranged my samples on top . I feel that the black is too dark so therefore the cream calico will be used for final piece .

25/3/16. I started to experiment with different varnishes to overlay over the top of my embroidered pieces. Although the varnish seemed dark and detracted from the embroidery so I have decided not to use it in my final piece.

26/3/16. I decided to try different background colours to present more of a contrast against the embroidered pieces . Although I feel that the colour distracts from the piece and a calm fragile look is what I am going for .

26/3/16 I thought about which angles to present the butterflies . I feel that if the butterflies are at unusual angles it will create more interest in the piece.

22/1/16. I also did some drawings with watercolour to present the interesting colours within a butterflies wing .