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Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are thrown into Tartarus. WILL I LIKE IT, RICK? WILL IT? Wish i could write to uncle rick

from Just A Pinch Recipes

Mama's Chicken Pie

"I don't generally like any kind of pot pie but I LOVED this one!!!!! so did my hubby! i'm fixing to make this again today...I've been craving it! I love it because I can eat it just like the recipe says to make it or I can add veggies that I like. it's so versatile!!"

EoS and why can't this be sold everywhere, like I don't get any of it because I live in Canada

At first I wasn't going to pin this, because I felt it was disrespectful. Then I realized this needs to be seen. This is what utter brainwashing looks like! Petra

okay so about youtube,, my parents took that away,, yeah i know it sucks, , so i wont be uploading any time soon. i didnt even do anything horrible, they just found out something abt me that they didnt lik,, , so yeah, im sorry

Not sure if I'm single because nobody likes me Or because I like nobody

from Live Like You Are Rich

The BEST Freezable Rolls

This Homemade Roll recipe is my absolute favorite, not only because it is wonderful to eat straight out of the oven, but because it also freezes amazingly well. This allows me to have homemade rolls any evening I want, without the time or mess involved and it is now the only rolls my kids will eat. #LiveLikeYouAreRich

If I see one clown I am DARTING back inside. I don't care if it's a tiny toddler or eight year old girl. trust no one I will be DARTING inside

This always got me. Because, in one way or another, I always felt like this was Bucky saying: "I know I won't be forgiven, and I know this guilt will chase me for ever. So kill me, it will be faster."