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Thrace south of the Danube (except for the land of the Bessi) was ruled for nearly half a century by the Persians under Darius the Great, who conducted an expedition into the region from 513 BC to 512 BC. The Persians called Thrace Skudra.

Ticia Verveer (@ticiaverveer) | Twitter c 2,400 year old Thracian Gold ring portraying an Olympic rower #Bulgaria Golyamata Kosmatka …

Old, historical map of ancient Thrace, mostly in Latin and very few Greek, made in 1585. The map also shows part of Asia minor, Moesia inferior, ancient Greece along with some Aegan islands. There is some anachronism on the map, such as Moesia inferior and other features.1585

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and partial neighbors Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey