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Spotted checked out Tia's Restaurant on Boston's waterfront on Thursday for AMA Boston’s Totally ’80s Summer Party. The event brought together marketing professionals from across the city for an evening of great conversation, tasty food, and, of course, nostalgic ’80s music. Pictured: James Coghlan rocking some ’80s themed flair.

What makes this the most epic ponytail of the '90s? Well, we have a lot of early '90s trends going on at once. First off, there's the side ponytail, secondly, it's held together by a scrunchie (polka dot, no less), third, she has teased out bangs, and fourth, and most importantly, she has frosted hair. FROSTED HAIR. | Ranking The 13 Most Important Celeb Ponytails Of The '90s

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/495702154/flapper-80s-casual-wedding-theme

A fun, nostalgic treat for the weekend, try making your own Party Rings. I’m pretty sure that when you speak to any adult born in or around the 80’s and mention Party Rings, it will transport them back in time to some loud, crazy kids party, possibly having a My Little Pony/Thundercats theme, pass the parcel, a … … Continue reading →

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