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ysvoice: magicisfree: landscapelifescape: Molokai Summer Day, Hawaii, USA via magicisfree: So beautiful..makes me think of Jurassic Park Actually, “Jurassic Park” was filmed in Hawaii’s other islands: aka ‘Garden island’ Kauai, Kualoa Ranch on island of Oahu, and many other State parks in California.

Hawaii has a clock on a pole stopped at 1:04 am in a park as a memorial to the 61 people that died there in 1960 when a 20-ft tsunami hit the area, the clock was stopped by the wave.

Waimea Canyon - Grand Canyon of Hawaii

Most people don't know that the island of Kauai is the home to Waimea Canyon. Many people think it's actually more majestic than the Grand Canyon because it's covered with lush growth. It's astonishing and this alone is worth the trip to Hawaii. (Although there are LOTS of great reasons to head to Hawaii.)

Tsunami Clock of Doom - WTF fun fact

Charming downtown Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Visited just a few days after the Tsunami in March 2011. Was the hardest hit of the Big Island, but was quickly cleaning up. Loved the slow-pace of the town. A mix of locals & tourists; not overcrowded at all. Beautiful & friendly.