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Food Security | FOODWISE - Educational resources for teaching about food sustainability

from Live Science

What 11 Billion People Mean for Food Security

What 11 Billion People Mean for Food Security | LiveScience

from Inhabitat

INFOGRAPHIC: How vertical farming could help cities feed themselves

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Off The Grid

Women farmers could increase crop yields by up to 30% if they were given equal access to resources.

from Homespun Seasonal Living

Grow Drying Beans for Food Security

This year grow drying beans for food security. They need no extra preservation work and provide calorie-dense nutrition to the pantry.

from Homespun Seasonal Living

When Simple Isn't Easy : 5 Ways to Cope with Homestead Overwhelm

For those days when simple isn't easy, use these 5 ways to cope with homestead overwhelm and enjoy a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity.

24 Food Storage Tips From 100 Years Ago. All of the tips, advice and storage methods come from way before my time when the people had it right!


Securing Food When Your Garden Fails

When your garden doesn't give you the supply of food you desire, there are other options for securing the food your family needs for the upcoming year.