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You are "...very nice AND responsible AND outgoing"... ? Also 20 years of age on Nov 18, 2015. I thought that would make somebody 23 years old by now.

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Now THIS one accurately states the date of birth, though it was disclosed to others as "1992", or age 21 in 2013.

Year 13 prom. Compare the date this was posted with William Farr's "List of Important Dates"

Screenshot is from December 7, 2015... post is from "2 days ago". 18th birthday was 2 years ago

Farrago - Summer 2013 - "recently departed Year 13 Sophie Broadbent" reference

Check out that Year 13 prom date. Pictures of that day are widely available to the public.

Farrago - Winter 2011 - a Year 12 student discussing her Year 11 experience