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sugilite fashion su - Google Search

OP: "this started when i was like 'i bet garnet would look good in a tuxedo' and then it got wildly out of hand. (sugilite is the only one who is not size relative)"

Ouch. But sweet.

I think the other Rose Quartz, if like ours, would love to meet Steven and see how the Crystal Gems work

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out #67

♪A little bit of Garnet in the sun. A little bit of Pearl all night long.♪ [Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out

I hope there is a resolution to this somewhere D:

Steven Universe: Image Gallery (Sorted by Views) - Page 40

Hair is for resting god dammit is so adorable <3

stevenuniverse, su, garnet, ameythest, pearl>> garnet looked so dagon proud

Water spirit?

Water spirit?

Jasper and Steven - comic

Carnelian & the aftermatch, by thegembeasttemple

jasper's face in the last panel, tho. A fan comic about a Jasper/Steven fusion.