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I so love these fantasy creatures. I always wished they were real when I watched the shows. They’re ridiculously cute and adorable and I collect a lot of Teletubbies items and trinkets. I’m a big fan.


kipper the dog my old daughter LOVES this animated, mellow British cartoon about Kipper and his friends. Has great music, is never obnoxious, uses real voices (never high squeaks or shouting), and bonus- she (my kid) walks around talking in a B

Telly Tubbies -- great memories with my kids, niece and nephew <3

Telly Tubbies -- great memories with my kids, niece and nephew

Teletubbies decoupaged card

Teletubbies decoupaged card

De Televisieserie van de Teletubies was eind jaren 90 heel populair. De TV-serie uit Engeland is jarenlang te zien geweest. De vier verschillende figuren, Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Lala en Po beleven veel avonturen. Ook het intro-liedje is bij veel mensen een bekende melodie.

Teletubbies There's this home video I have where I'm coloring a Teletubbies themed coloring book lol. I still have my Teletubbies plush toys!

teletubbies+ Miranda sings= mirubbies!

Teletubbie-k :Balról jobbra: Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, Tinky Winky

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I bought Teriann the talking Po Teletubby doll. She loved the show and her doll. So many years ago.

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I'm tinkie winkie Xd lol totally a freaking teletubbie yos

Birthday card for little Teletubbies fan

Birthday card for little Teletubbies fan