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Let's hope the snow days are behind us...but just in case--here are some nifty activities to make the next one a day of learning!

EASY ways to make the kind of playdough you want! All different textures for kids.

35 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

Study heat sensitivity using color-changing slime.

Jansen Family Adventures: Life is an adventure. Share the joy!!: Fizzy, Fun Preschool Science Activity (Part 3: Alka Seltzer Lava Lamp)

How to Make Sparkling Snow Play Dough

Snow play dough! Use the regular play dough recipe and add glitter.

26 Winter Crafts for Kids

January and February can be chilly months for folks in the northern hemisphere! But did you know that it is summer break for kids south of the equator? Here are 25 Winter Crafts that kids can do all over the world!

9 (Reasonably) Kid-Friendly Experiments From YouTube’s Crazy Russian Hacker

Brain Hat Activity

Brain Hat Activity perfect for a memorable hands-on science lesson! #STEM #biology #HS

Why Is The Sky Blue For Kids – Science Experiment

This experiment is perfect to help answer the classic kid question: "why is the sky blue?"

DIY Outdoor Game to Get Kids Moving. Tiki Toss will get kids moving too!