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story time: so when I was little, I would literally torture my Barbie dolls,like,I would make all of them hate each other and they would basically murder each other...once I had this Ariel Barbie and i made Belle hate her, so Belle took Ariel, and hung her above the ground by the tail, while smacking her repeatedly. Another time I did this thing where Ken cheated on Barbie, and Barbie pushed the girl that Ken was cheating with down two flights of states, then she stepped on her face and she…

Beautiful Irish Redheads (29 Photos)

Do not risk the beauty of your skin by choosing the wrong anti-aging cream. Keep a check on these points every time you buy yourself a new cosmetic

Bible Verses - Numbers 6:24-26 - The Aaronic Blessing. This hymn is a tradition for my choir, so its really special to me.

Face-Off! An Integer Card Game

Face-Off! An Integer Card Game--like War--can cover all addition, multiplication, and subtraction of integers...did this with the kids and they loved it...even requested to play again the next day

Whatever Divergent fans say, IANF was first.<<< don't get me wrong I LOVE Tobias/four, but John Smith/four was first for me :)

In my head I sang the numbers 1-12 like on Sesame Street "1-2-3-4-5, 6-7-8-9-10-11--12!"