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The wonders of your brain - A special report |

from Bloglovin’

A TED-Ed Animation Describing the Hippocampus Region of the Brain and Why We Need It (Laughing Squid)

Unit 6 focuses on memory. In order to understand the different kinds of memory, one might start with where memory takes place. The structures of the brain that are important for memory include the amygdala, hippocampus and the rhinal cortex (p. 234).

from The New Yorker

Why Teen-Agers Are the Worst

A 2006 study by the Government Accountability Office found that $1.4 billion that the federal government had allocated to an anti-drug media campaign aimed at young people had had no perceptible impact. According to Steinberg, this sort of money would have been better spent on sports or arts programs that keep adolescents busy and under adult supervision.


Video on improving content understanding using reading strategies -- example, working with academic vocabulary and other words while studying and discussing biology.


The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis - The Atlantic

Wieman learned what cognitive scientists have proven repeatedly in recent years: Humans don’t learn concepts very well by having someone blab on about them. In other words, the college lecture is to a large extent a waste of time.


Scientists Take Steps Toward Gene-Editing Therapy In Adults | IFLScience


CH 2: In this chapter, we learn about the social constructs of gender and how that affects our opinion of the behavior of each one. This comic strip explains the typical view of men and women in the westernized culture. Men are the one's who take the lead role, as women just wait for things to be handed to them. This chapter also discusses how our community shapes us, and in the picture you can clearly see that they are reading about how they should be behaving.


“Nudge” and repeat. Take the first step away from your baby’s baseline and listen—with your instincts turned on—to your baby’s reaction