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Vincent D'Onofrio. There is something SO appealing about this man. From Thor to Criminal Intent I have adored him.

Sensuous impulse in design is much more than pure function quite possibly the complete opposite. From outrageous proportions to the seductive and decorative designs, the sensuous impulse was first dominant in the Rococo period form 1730-1765 and again during the Art Nouveau period 1880-1910.

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Exclusive: Meet the Magical Girls of a new generation in Netflix's original show 'Glitter Force'

my doppleganger!! love my kelsey!

*El sello de Salomón, la Estrella de David, nos muestra la Perfecta Unión, el Casamiento, del Agua y del Fuego, que solo la Alquimia Verdadera puede REALMENTE realizar dentro de nosotros, gracias a los Secretos que Dios nos ha confiado. Unimos el Cielo con la Tierra, conciliamos los Opuestos, porque tal es la Voluntad de Dios, para que se forme la Piedra Filosofal dentro de nosotros mismos, pasando por los distintos colores, en unos 280 días. AV.

This is known as the Caduceus of Hermes. The spiral effect indicates an expansion of knowledge, and the undulating dance of cosmic forces. The double snakes of the caduceus also represent duality and the unification of polar opposites, as well as displaying balance and integration polarities in order to strike harmony. If you take it a step further, you notice the dual intertwined snakes form a double helix DNA strand; Serpent DNA specifically.