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Some of the Cat folk enjoy playing and interacting with the snow. One of our farm cats, Mitzi, would go out on very cold mornings when dry snow flakes were drifting down. She would dance about on her hind legs catching snowflakes, entranced, by them for long periods. Then she would sit and watch them land on her black fur as if admiring their intricate forms.

How to Ditch the City and Start a Farm - Prepping to survive after a major disaster is so much more than stockpiling supplies in the back closet of our apartment. If we ever face a SHTF scenario, we're going to need a different set of skills to survive. Skills like farming can increase your chances of keeping your family alive in the event of a disaster much more likely.

Looking for fun, new, and delicious ways to use Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage? Our Easy Smoked Sausage and Rice Skillet recipe made with Success Rice® is super easy to make... and super tasty too!

During our farm unit we talked about tractors, watched video clips of them in action and made this fabulous John Deere out of a Weber grill box

Queens County Farm Museum Wedding from Justine Bursoni Photography

If I add them one at a time maybe my husband won't notice. If I have it my way, this is what our farm would look like just add Horses!