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Aries 1. Sex with an Aries will never be boring and, because they have amazing stamina, it will never be short. 2. Aries do not hold grudges, so arguments are quickly resolved and forgotten. 3. They love spontaneity and will often surprise you with random gifts, love letters, and adventures. 4. You can always count on your Aries to fight for you. 5. There is no need to worry about your relationship going stagnant; life with an Aries will be filled with excitement and adventure.

This happens a lot more than it maybe should happen....

Mighty Morphin Rangers

Charles Michael Davis

"So with everything that's going on, they decided to advertise for a new deputy. Two man crew on the island. In light of Elodie's ... Special requirements." "Yeah? And who's the second lucky guy?" "Me."

Remember when these celebs were hot? Now they've really let themselves go!

Backstreet Boys, "Time look where we are and what we've been through. Time, goes on and on everyday…"

Phoebe: "Come on. Come sit right here." Cole: "Okay, so maybe Leo and I should go...pretend like we've got something better to do." Piper: "Good idea."

Our Team Guy Just Watched High School Musical for the First Time

For some reason, one of our editors had never seen the movie (or any of its sequels and spin-offs). Shocking, we know. So in celebration of the tenth anniversary, he sat down and watched the film. This is his minute-by-minute running diary of High School Musical.