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from Hollywood Life

Charles Michael Davis

"So with everything that's going on, they decided to advertise for a new deputy. Two man crew on the island. In light of Elodie's ... Special requirements." "Yeah? And who's the second lucky guy?" "Me."

Tom Welling is the most beautiful man alive next to Jensen Ackles.I love watching smallville.Please check out my website thanks.

Nina Dobrev As James Daughter Katerina Paisley Halliwell-Wyatt-James-Salvatore And James Granddaughter Nina Paige Carter-Halliwell-Wyatt-James-Salavatore Animation!!❤️

Nina Dobrev From CW Channel's The Vampire Diaries Aka TVD TV Show As James Daughter Katerina Paisley Halliwell-Wyatt-James-Salvatore!❤️

Kelly Clarkson As James Daughter Megan Kelly Patricia Green-Halliwell-Wyatt And Little Sister Patricia Kelly Patty Blackenstock-Halliwell-Wyatt!!