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My Grandpa has been thinking about getting dental implants. He doesn't really like the idea of dentures, he wants something more permanent. He wants to do some more research before he makes a decision to get them or not. I told him I would help him do some research to take some of the stress of of him. I will have to show him this picture and see what he thinks. Emily Smith

Dental marketing tip: Use your blog to educate patients about specialty services using easy to understand language. Promote your blog post on social media. #dental #marketing #tip

We use this model in our Grand Dental Group offices to explain how a jawbone thins and weakens without teeth or dental implants. #granddental

Children who suck their thumb, fingers, binky, or pacifier can develop problems with the roof of their mouth and how their teeth come together. Most children stop between ages 2 and 4. Thumb sucking should stop before the child's permanent teeth start coming in.