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Middle Earth vs Romania

Middle Earth vs Romania - Romania, it is! Plus the husband happens to have a Romanian doppelganger

Dwarves will mess you up.. Or maybe it's just John Rhys Davies.

Filming LOTR

Dominic Monaghan talking about John Rhys-Davies. I love this! This proves that John Rhys-Davies is Gimli on and off the screen.

I think that if the Silmarillion were ever put on screen it should be a REALLY LONG series. That way, you can keep in a lot. Of course there would still be cuts, but in a series you could keep it pretty fat. (At least in my logic. I know about nothing of film making.)

Then they better make be exactly like the book unlike The Hobbit and LotR. Of course with few and minor changes, but still like the book!

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Middle Earth Elven realms are the best looking Though I love a rocking Boromir in Osgiliath Lord of The Rings The Hobbit

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 57 Pics

Smaug on The Colbert Report. 〖 Stephen Colbert Report show interview The Hobbit Smaug funny 〗


Bill, the pony…

Horses of Middle Earth. And Bill the pony, for president of Middle Earth. Apologies for the language

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Funny pictures about New Zealand's Problems With Orcs. Oh, and cool pics about New Zealand's Problems With Orcs. Also, New Zealand's Problems With Orcs photos.

Lord Of The Rings Facts: I am proud to say I knew all of these.

Neat facts about LotR. However Frodo was 50 not 33 when he left the shire but I'm glad Tolkien really felt Sam was the hero of the story.

Relatively Unknown LoTR Facts - The Great Eagles

Relatively Unknown LoTR Fact that People Might Wonder About

Relatively Unknown LoTR Fact - The Great Eagles. That theory that has been running around about Gandalf and the Eagles has annoyed me more than I can say. Please read this!

Another thing that is different in the books is that Frodo NEVER questioned Sam`s loyalty.   That, the change in Farimor`s chacter, and the fact that the Cleansing of the Shire was cut out really disappointed me.  If Peter Jackson hadn`t done such an incredible job with everything else, I probably would have hated the movies.  I often want to tell the powers that be that the books last for a reason.  Their changes don`t help.

To all LotR "fans" out there.

Funny pictures about To all LotR 'fans' out there. Oh, and cool pics about To all LotR 'fans' out there. Also, To all LotR 'fans' out there.