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Being as whole as the universe. What are the parts that sum up me?

The Jersey breed of dairy cow originates from the Island of Jersey and it is quite distinct from all other breeds of livestock. Renowned for it’s beauty, ease of management and natural ability to produce rich creamy milk, the “ Jersey” is a product of the Island, it’s soil, it’s climate, it’s people and their history.


The many faces of Johnny Depp

Who knows the others? I know sweeny todd, capt. Jack, willy wonka, chocolat, cry baby, Gilbert grape, edward scissorhands, secret window, Dr. Parnassus, sleepy hollow, corpse bride, John Dillinger, & J. M. Barry.

The many faces of Belle My favorite Disney Princess and character. Is it sad I can tell you the exact point in the movie each face happens and the quote that goes with it?????