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from Survival Life

Venison Recipes to Try This Winter

Venison Recipes to Try This Hunting Season | Hunting, trapping and outdoor survival tips #hunting #huntingtips #survivaltips

So much irony in this, considering season 8 finale

TeamGWG's Whitney Vau loves to shed hunt in Northern California in her Girls With Guns Clothing hat & hoodie!

Aw! I love this is all they have to say to apologize and everything is okay. :)

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Renee on

Oh, just look at how young and hopeful they are! *ugly sobbing* #SomethingWicked

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J2 Destroyed me, on

"oh darlin don't you ever grow up" my head just went to this cuz look at him in season one❤️❤️

This made me cry and it's not even my fandom!! I just follow people who like it!! *sobs*

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aida on

Season 10, in which Crowley remembers the Winchesters have problems with authority, and Dean remembers he looks good in a crown

[gifset] Jensen told the story about him falling down in (8x20 LARP and The Real Girl ) the Season 8 gag reel. #JibCon14 #Jensen