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Best and Worst Things to Buy in March

If you are one of millions who enjoy the sweet sensory pleasures of chocolate, you’ll be happy to know your sweet habit may actually be healthy. Although not all chocolate is created equal, most types of chocolate offer some level of health benefits.

24 best things to buy at the dollar store

Not everything at the dollar store is a great deal, but many things are. Check out this list of 24 AWESOME buys at the dollar store!

9 Sneaky Things Everyone Leaves Out of Their Budget

You'll stave off credit card debt by the end of the year if you account for these often-forgotten expenses.

25 Must Buy Items at ALDI

Visit to win prizes like this, plus of other sweepstakes, with one click of a mouse button! 25 Must Buy Items at ALDI, I just discovered ALDI and this site has a good list. Didn't know they had a "sale" bin!

7 Things I’m Doing Right Now To Improve My Financial Situation

7 Things You Will Never Regret Spending Money On

Minimalism isn't about frugality; instead it's about intentional spending. Here are the things I think are worth investment - what's on your list?

21 Things Frugal People DON'T Do

On this journey to frugal living, I've learned quite a few things. I've learned what I am an not willing to sacrifice, as well as not to judge others for their choices.