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10 Survival Visual Tips and Tricks

How to Sleep Warm | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips - Survival Life Blog: #survivallife

If you want to survive in post-apocalyptic times, you should check out these tips from Lozen, the monster-slaying Apache heroine from our YA novel Killer of Enemies. She offers 10 tips on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. #survivaltips #yalit

TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag by Survival Frog

Modular Sleep Systems with Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bags, Patrol Sleeping Bags, and a Compress Stuff Sack. These Military Surplus Sleeping Bags will be perfect for your family camping trip!

32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do ASAP! - Survival Mom

It says 32 survival skills your child should know... but I bet most adults don't know most of these skills. Do you?

Transforming Lives Through Transformer Clothing

the empowerment plan. coat that is self-heated, waterproof, + transforms into a sleeping bag at night. made by a group of homeless women who are paid to learn + to produce the coats for those living on the streets.